Who are in VCX?

VCX is the place where you can buy and sell High Volume Bitcoin, we guarantee fast execution and high security. Our systems are based on advanced tools to give all the technical support and respect in full regulatory compliance to traders and institutions. VCX serve clients on over the world with primary emphasis on the needs of the customer. VCX is based in London, UK. The experience of the full team in virtual currency markets comes from old and carefully relationships with primary bank and financial companies.

What is our goal?

This project was developed after extensive studies and researches in financial market, before, and in virtual currency, after. The knowledge of the financial risks and margin options allowed us to develop VCX: the platform where you can be sure to exchange safely if you know what you want and respecting regulations, yourself and other operators. All our background is at disposal of our costumer. For us your interest is the first thing because we was been operator, too. We know and understand your needs and for these we create a platform where you can be at home.